Men of the Week (18. GW)

Every week we present the best Bundesliga-players of the current game week: „Men of the Week“. The best players are calculated based on our data-driven scouting platform AiSports. In comparison to Kickers Elf des Tages or Transfermarkts Elf des Spieltages, AiSports incorporates algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate the performance of the players, taking thousands of variables into account. 

The visualization above shows two different representations. On the one hand the best team composition for the game week (click on Top 11). On the other hand the best player of the game week per unique player position according to the position chart below (click on All Positions). When clicking on a players name, you can see the name, club and position of the player. Additionally, the most significant data-attribute of the player leading to his high overall score and the average-value of the scores for his specific playing position can be observed.